What is Gaelic football?


Gaelic football is often described as a mixture between soccer, rugby and basketball. Although this is a good indication, it doesn't really give a true representation of the sport. Below you'll find three videos that will allow you to see the sport in action and learn more about the skills involved and rules.


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What is Gaelic Football?


An introduction to the game showcasing the skills, athleticism and toughness of the top players.

Heading 6
Sky Sports Explanation
A Sky Sports video describing the GAA and giving a basic introduction to the rules.
Ladies Football 


A similar introduction to the rules but made by a ladies' team with a steadier camera.

The official rules of the game played in Ireland can be downloaded from the GAA website. The playing rules start from page 60.

The game played in Asian tournaments is a bit different for reasons of climate, space, etc. The main differences are:

  • Each team has nine players on the pitch and up to three substitutes. Substitutions are unlimited.

  • The game lasts for 14 minutes (two halves of seven minutes).

  • Players can pick the ball up with their hands.

  • No square ball (offside) rule.

  • Kick-outs, 45s, free kicks and sideline kicks may be taken from the ground or from the hands.

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